Why rabbits have big ears


The rabbit is an adorable creature with short tails and large ears. Rabbits that have dug into the soil and live in them are not readily adapted to humans. However, they are few and far between. Rabbits live as a family in a cage.The biggest attraction of a rabbit is that it has ears bigger than the body.

In general, a weak rabbit has many enemies, including humans. Therefore, nature has dictated some features to the creature. One of those is ears. The ear is capable of capturing even the smallest sound.

These ears capture a large percentage of the ambient noise. The captured sounds are then delivered to the inner ear. This helps the rabbits to detect the presence of the enemy and to quickly find a safe place.

Interesting sight of a rabbit at rest. He cleans his ears using his forearms. The rabbit, which is always on the surface of the ears, is always cautious and not surprised. By doing so, a rabbit not only cleanses the ears, but also applies some kind of special oil in the mouth.

This oil is rich in vitamin D. Vitamin D is necessary for the growth of a rabbit’s bones. If a rabbit does not do this, they are said to be handicapped by immature bones.

There are two types of rabbits. One is domesticated rabbits and another is a wild rabbit. Wild rabbits are in the burrows most of the time. They come out for prey at sunrise or sunset. Rabbits not only have auditory capabilities but also have a greater sense of smell. The size of the legs is the key to the speed of the rabbit.

It is this speed that helps rabbits to escape quickly when they feel overwhelmed by their enemies. Rabbits are skilled in jumping. A rabbit can run at speeds of up to 65 kilometers per hour. Although grass is a staple food. They also eat vegetables. Rabbits are at the forefront of offspring. A childbirth can bring many children.

Although the number of enemies per day is reduced, it is overcome by childbirth. A rabbit can have 10 to 12 babies at a time. Rabbits, dogs, cats and wolves are enemies of the rabbit. Rabbit hunting is banned by most countries.

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Sarath Babu

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